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I wrote it in Assignment Criteria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

I wrote it in Assignment Criteria - Essay ExampleIt is therefore in the light of this that this sample will be looking at the interrelationship between the relationship between politics and the media conjugate with how the technological age is overtly or covertly facilitating the developments being witnessed today. In doing this, the essay will rate ongoing trends in the media industry with the view of using them as the basis to make deductive epitome leading to inferential conclusions about what that holds for global politics.The twenty first century has ushered humankind into a dispensation of re give-up the ghost technology driven developments that was hitherto highly unthinkable in our annals. Kellner (2002), cites the advent of the computer that ushered in the theme information technology dispensation, the usage of multimedia technologies and a host of former(a)s as the brainchild behind the phylogeny of the so-called rise in the information society which in the view of s ome observers is very correspondent with the rising trend in globalization (Castells, 1996). Still within this context, Best & Kellner, (2001), studied the trend in media development in the twenty first century then came out with compelling truisms that alludes to the fact that among other things, the new dispensation has created the platform to overcome major unconstructive differences, facilitation of dialogue that have also seen the renewed alliance and integration of the traditional global south into the mainstream of the international political economic environment.It is also worth stating that convey to the wind of liberalization blowing through the so-called information society the former crude structures that defined the constitution of social organizations and the conduct of political activities have steadily crumbled giving way to a refreshing move towards modernization. Evidently, todays landscape can be described in all certainty as an innovative hybrid of

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Foundation of Organisation Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Foundation of Organisation - Coursework Example superstar major problem that arises due to early growth is poor coordination. With a huge workforce running(a) for the organization and a lot of resources being utilised to ensure naughty productivity, there are high chances of poor coordination setting in. Although the fellowship might record increased sales, this does not automatic every(prenominal)y mean that the company is becoming more(prenominal) profitable. The organization may in fact be spending more to accomplish less. In this respect, there are chances that lack of proper coordination could lead to cash flow shortages, which at first may be subtle and easy to ignore but with time, expenses will start exceeding revenues at a higher pace with each new month of business growth. Under this circumstance, the company past begins to haemorrhage and becomes less profitable. Although hiring more employees results in increased production, it could negatively affect its performa nce. This is mainly because as the get of employees increases, the company and its principles begin to loose touch with the key employees, most of whom are more experienced, well instruct and are more depended on by the company. Such employees will suffer greatly from loss of transaction satisfaction, become demotivated and could even quit the company. Having many employees could also lead to unproductive divisions that could strain its positivity and performance. As they try to control increased business activities and increased employee base, the management could lose track of the business functions that are more essential and this directly impairs its performance. The other potential problem that fast growing firms could encounter as they grow is lack of proper business planning. This problem mainly arises because the decision to expand in such(prenominal)(prenominal) companies is driven by the desire for personal/company satisfaction and the need to take advantage of usabl e business opportunities instead of economic analysis, market studies and sound financial evaluation. As a result of this, the management of the company will end up creating for themselves a challenge beyond their capability and experience. Because of the improper motivations, such firms end up making rash decisions and developing projects or buy machinery that may not needs increase the profitability and performance of the company. Such projects or machinery could block the ability of the company to develop more appropriate projects or purchase more effective machinery due to incompatibility with the rashly established projects or acquired machinery. It could even lead to incompletion of these projects due to the problem of underfunding and this will have used funds for setting up more appropriate projects. Question 2 Solutions Solutions to loss of clear insight into the performance of the business and its profitability The companys management must ensure that all its undertakings aim at supporting the join activities of the business. This means that the company must ensure that all the activities of various functions are properly coordinated. Good judicature also plays a great role in the success of companies experiencing fast growth. The management of the organization should invite to it that good decisions are made and that policies created by management apply throughout the organization. The company should limit all new projects to those it has the capacity and experience of handling. If not, it should hire people who are experienced and competent enough to embrace such projects. This solution is crucial in

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Measuring Productivity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Measuring productivity - Research Paper ExampleAs Lippi, Mattiuzzi and Plebani (2015) said, some of the factors that should be considered when establishing the primary productivity measure for the microbiology unit of measurement encompasses the duration of time spent by the staffs on hands on activities that is, for a centrifuging operation, the most primary(prenominal) productivity measure is usually the duration of time taken by a technologist to pervert and remove the centrifuge, not the spinning time. Other time productivity measurements which are equally important to the form include time of day, the technologist to patient or sample ratio, and the amount of time spent on preparing laboratory machines or conducting their routine maintenance (Langabeer, 2008).One productivity measure for this unit is spending an clean of 5 transactions on setting up the machines for use and conducting routine maintenance 4 minutes for preparing each specimen for centrifuging and displayin g the deliverables on soft-copy and hard copies. This productivity measure will optimize the primary microbiology activities by limiting potential time wastage on setting up the machine, placing the specimen for examination or relaying the results to physicians to comfort interventions (Yakusheva, Lindrooth, & Weiss, 2014). However, the productivity measure can create the unintended consequence of impeding quality deliverables, which would otherwise be achieved if the technologists spent slightly longer time to conduct the

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Management Assignment 2 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management assigning 2 - Research Paper ExampleA car manufacturing plant can produce slightly around 10% of the auto demand of the whole industry. But with this level of output, a company as well as needs high level of sales promotion and dealership. In order to fully sale the produced output, the Dassan express mail will need to start the advertising campaign on a very large home.This dodging will decrease the cost per unit of automobile. Generally the buyers prefer to deal with large and reputable manufacturers and dealers. such(prenominal) a big network of credible dealers requires a large amount of investment in the automobile industry. Dealers also want to deal with big names and companies have to make a considerable effort at the time of establishing a company.There are currently three big players in the Australian Automobile industry. Ford Australia, GM Holding Ltd and Toyota Motors Corporation Australia are the only three large scale automobile manufacturers in Austra lia. Ford Australia is one of the subsidiaries of the Ford Motor Company and established in capital of Seychelles in 1925. The company also operates Ford Performance Vehicles which is an in-house tuning division.In 1856, the GM holding was organize as a saddlery business but became a subsidiary of GM Motors later in 1931. Holden has offered many locally manufactured vehicles like Holden Commodore to the domestic market. Holden also operates an in-house tuning division known as Holden Special Vehicles. Toyota Motor Corporation Australia is a subsidiary of Japan based Toyota Motors Corporation. Toyota Australia promotes and manages their products in Australian market specially motorsport.The automobile manufacturing company needs high capital and labor to start up. As the Dassan Ltd is toilsome to establish itself in another country, it needs foreign exchange. Although geographically Australia is located near Korea but it is untrod through land so Dassan Ltd either can not utilize its previous expertise and resources or has to endure high

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Why social network industry has no inventory and large cash in Essay

Why social network diligence has no inventorying and bulky cash in balacesheet - Essay ExampleLack of need for inventory therefore explains absence of inventory from accounts of companies in the industry.The industry is to a fault profitable, based on trend in technology that makes its products marketable and emit costs. These lead to high proceeds and therefore high value of cash and cash equivalents and $ 3.323 million for Facebook in the year ended 2013 and $ 0.841 million for Twitter in the same period are examples. The industry is also oligopolistic, a factor that concentrates proceeds among few players. Consequently, cash and cash equivalents have to be high per player, compared to value in competitive industries in which many players share the markets proceeds (Albarran, 2013).The types of products that the industry offers, which do not crave inventory for production, maintenance, or delivery explains lack of inventory while high profitability and oligopolistic nature of the industry explains the high value of cash and cash equivalents that firms report in the

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The Era of Reconstruction in American History and its Aftermath Essay - 1

The Era of Reconstruction in American History and its Aftermath - Essay ExampleThe proposal culminated in the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, which formally abolished thraldom in America. After the demise of Abraham Lincoln, who was the champion of reconstruction, Andrew Johnson continued his policies and vowed to abolish slavery altogether and reconstruct America. various states moved fast to institute fundamental laws that curtailed the full acquisition of the rights of slaves. Mississippi quickly instituted the anti-black codes limiting the forgo movement of the freed slaves (Franklin 210). The Civil Rights Act occasioned a move by the Congress further to assert the ever-changing status of former slaves. The Civil Rights Act conferred on former slaves the right to own and transfer retention and the right to equal treatment as the white Americans. However, even with the ratification of the civil rights act, the definition of a citizen still remained obscured. In an aff irmative move, the Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1867.The fundamental aim of the fourteenth amendment was to confer liberty and citizenship to the freed slaves. Prior formation of the civil rights act, various states employed various attempts to limit the liberty of former slaves. For instance, Louisiana adopted the grandfather clause that only allowed men to vote if their grandfathers were eligible voters prior to the civil war. The blacks in the south responded to these limitations by the states through mass migrations to the urban northern states. However, in a tactical move to stifle the interests of freed slaves, Washington in his Atlanta Compromise asserted the need for the slaves to make in economic production and disenfranchise from social agitation. Du Bois philosophically attacked Washington for his stance against the freed slaves. In his the souls of caustic folks, Du Bois agitated not only for education but equal access to education for the blacks (Franklin 254). He powerfully expressed

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Is it the right decision Who has the reason The voices of the Heart or Research Paper

Is it the right(a) decision Who has the reason The voices of the Heart or the Mind - Research report ExampleThe book talks about the story of a young boy by the propose of Santiago who sets out in search for treasure. Along the path that the boy chances upon, he encounters a look of people as well as feelings and emotions that he learns to inculcate within him. Finally, he realises that the riches or the treasure that he was in search for lay in the experiences and the people that he encountered upon during the get over of his journey. The boy learns to open his mind as well as his heart to a large number of things in the world and began to live life. There are a number of emotions that a man goes done during the course of his lifetime. Most of them are experienced because of the kind of company he keeps, which further help him make out his decisions and visualize himself better. In The Alchemist, Coelho talks about the way a man should open himself up to both his mind as w ell as the heart because no right decision can arrive from still one place. He writes, May love be your guide in every part of your life. (Coelho, Paulo) by means of these lines, Coelho has tried to suggest how love comes from the heart of a person, which is the truest and purest emotion that can arise. The heart is that part of a man that lets him feel and recover at the same time. It helps a man to understand what going through a particular might be like. The heart is the very aspect of a man that helps him make decisions based on his feelings. When a man verifys, straight from the heart then he means to say that whatever it is that he is talking about is coming from his feelings and non from his mind. The mind on the other afford is where the rational thought process of a man persists. Thus, whatever decisions a man takes from his mind, is bound to be rational and feelings and emotions are not supposed to get in the way of the same. A decision taken from the mind consists of a sense of pragmatism that removes all possibility of understanding and taking into mind the emotions of those that reckon on another person. Coelho writes, At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of whats chance to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. Thats the worlds greatest lie. This very statement has been accounted for by the author as a concept coming from the mind of a person. It is the mind of a man that gives him reason to point wrongs and rights at everything that the mortal might cross paths within during the course of his lifetime. Therefore, it is imperative for a man to be able to think with his heart and not just his mind. When we talk about the law and justice that must be habituated to each and everyone in society, we also must take into account their feelings. However, a man cannot go on depending upon his feelings because they might turn into negative vibes and cause havoc to the people around him. So it is weighty to gauge the mind of oneself and understand what lies within in order to then ask the heart for the right decision. Most people get an intuition or an inner feeling regarding a certain situation or circumstance that they might be caught up in. This feeling is the one that comes from the heart, however might not be the right thing to do sometimes. That is why it becomes vital to think straight from the mind in order to come up with the best possible

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Case Analysis - Greene Gardens Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analysis - Greene tends - Case Study Example issue 2 I would runnerly think ab turn up tracking the source of the infection, since the matter concerns human life it is of an intricate character and I would want to get to the bottom of it quickly, for example I would give a lab streamlet of the soil and manure used on my ranches to see if strains of the bacteria were present. Fresh vegetables such as prickly-seeded spinach plant have frequently been said to be infected with the E. coli bacteria (World Health Organization, 2011). Therefore the probability of Greene tends ranches being responsible also increases. I would next try and brainstorm with my team the measures which Greene Garden put up take to reduce the threat to our vegetables, for example spraying the fields with pesticides etc and using better attribute fertilizers in stead of animal manure (Mukherjeea, Spehb, & Diez-Gonzaleza, 2007). However, an important concern over here would be the price constraints, I would most certainly want to do in all I can to ensure that my vegetables ar not at risk, yet I would want to be cost effective in my actions. Answer 3 The new information further increases the possibility of Greene Gardens spinach being implicated. I would first want to get in touch with someone who is involved in the investigation and has first hand knowledge regarding the method being used to test the samples. Furthermore, I would like to find out what the FDA thinks might be the source of the bacteria, for example water is known to be a carrier of the E. coli bacteria (Uzoigwe, OBrien, & Brown, 2007) so may be getting the water tested would reveal the source of the pathogen. I would keep talking to the FDA officials and make my concerns evident to them so that they are aware of the fact that I am genuinely interested in finding out the cause and taking corrective action if my spinach is implicated because in such fragile situations it is important to have a good rapport with offi cials in strong positions. Additionally, I would make it a priority to run a public relations lawsuit regarding the safety precautions the consumers can take in order to keep themselves safe for example humans can get exposed to the E. coli strain through food, animal contact, and drinking water and also from one individual to another (European Food Safety Authority, 2011). Therefore, till the FDA is able to come to a conclusion, warning people of all the possibilities and safety measures would do the customers well and also render Greene Garden a good name. Answer 4 I would talk to my contact person at Tossed Fresh and try to persuade them to recall the product. It might be hard because recalling so many products leads to a lot of prejudicees yet if the long border and short term goals are weighed against each other, the benefit from recalling the product far exceeds the long term loss of reputation if the spinach from Greene Garden was actually tested positive for E. Coli. I would also try to convince Tossed Fresh on the grounds that since GRT Salads along with two other companies had recalled products it would now reflect badly on Tossed Fresh if it did not recall its products. It is understandable that the products have a small shelf life and that losses would be incurred, however,

Global Warming and Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Global Warming and Religion - move ExampleTwo thirds of the overall increase in the average temperature of Earths atmosphere since the nineteenth century has occurred since 1980. The environmental experts atomic number 18 certain of the fact that the increase in spherical heating system is ascribable to the rising concentrations of the greenhouse gases that argon produced as a result of different human activities such as burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. The increasing debates regarding global heating system have raised a question whether the bodily process to avoid global warming is a theological and moral imperative or a egress of human and environmental expediency. The following paper would analyse the situation from both thoughts and it would be inferred whether the action to reduce global warming is linked with religion. There are a number of factors that have led the state to consider the religious and moral aspects of the actions to reduce global warming. A number of stack hold the perspective that had everyone followed the religion properly the situation of global warming would not have arisen. The religion provides comprehensive expand regarding the right way of life but these teachings have been ignored by the people and the global warming is one of the consequences of such ignorance.... It is one of the attributes held by the people who are inclined towards the religion. However people who do not follow the teachings of the religion properly moved towards luxury and in order to have an easier life, and they started to exact the internal resources in order to have luxuries. The scientists and environmental experts are certain that the main reason pot global warming is the consumption of fossil fuels and deforestation. In order to have luxurious ways of life, people got involved in the consumption of such rare resources and the situation has gotten worse ever since. Therefore, people who are inclined towards religion exercise s implicity which in itself is an action to reduce global warming (Stafford 1998). Stewardship of beau ideals Creation It is a common belief that stewardship of Gods creation is a scriptural principle therefore man is responsible to take care of everything that has been bestowed upon him by God. The Earth and its many resources nominate be regarded as Gods creation therefore man should ensure that all these resources are taken care of. However, the very cause of the global warming has been disclosed as the exploitation of natural resources. Each creation by God holds some purpose on Earth and moving it from its countersink may hold certain consequences, and this is being observed today in the form of rising global warming. Thus, the stewardship of Gods creation is one biblical principle that shows that the action to reduce global warming has a strong theological perspective (Nolen 2004). Rights of Non-Human Creatures The religion teaches that the rights of the inanimate planet and its non-human creatures are considered to be passing

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Financial Management Individual Work 1 Week 6 Essay

Financial Management man-to-man Work 1 Week 6 - Essay ExampleIn this case, operating leverage reflects the intensification of the velocity part of the revenue statement with the fixed be being the costs of business procedure and that argon not affected by alterations in sales. Within fiscal and income aspects of any business, working income is a fraction of business risk. For instance, with two indistinguishable firms and one firm utilizes higher operating advantage with all other(a) things remaining constant, the firm experiences less predictable return on asset and operating income, and this results to magisterial risks to the business. With an elevated business threat, the stock- and bondholder are affected (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2010).Financial leverage involves the degree of utilization of fixed charge securities at heart the capital structure of a given firm. High financial leverage occurs when the capital structure of a firm is characterized by elevated debts and preferre d stock. In this case, the extent of entity sales characterized by equal costs and revenue presents the breakeven point and breakeven analysis can be done with or without financial costs (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2010). This way, the financial leverage represents the underside half of the revenue statement entails changes in EPS relative to alterations of EBIT. Financial leverage accounts for slightly aspect of corporation risk through debt financing. Through debt financing, a business is prone to variations in meshing prior to taxation after interests then elevating earnings per share and the net income. Corporate risk is thus a summation of business risk and financial risk.Modigliani and Miller revealed that whether leveraged or not, firms should have equal nurture in the absence of taxes and other costs. Further, organizational value and weighted standard capital costs give be free of the capital structure (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2010). Consequently, constant

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Lecture 5 Summary Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Lecture 5 compend - Assignment ExampleCommunists had already exerted their rule over new(prenominal) countries in the past year that is wherefore Hitler feared that Germany could be taken over especially during the Great depression.Hitler believed that foe Germany to become a super causation they needed to expand their borders into other countries. They concentrated mostly on the East for expansion. Hitler also wanted to invalidate a peace treaty that ended the First creation War. Hitler concentrated on Germany to become a superpower.Hitler felt that he was good enough to focus on his foreign policy in 1934. Hitler and his host moved to western Germany in 1936. It was hard to overthrow Hitler because his army was faithful to him and he had contributed to Germanys economic growth. His subjects believed that he was the best leader to bring Germany to the status that it required.Germany formed an alliance with Italy because both were unhappy with the results of World War 1. They wanted to come up with a new world order to oppose the active international order. Hitler wished to make a strong Germany state in central Europe to combine Austria to the south and Germany to the north. Hitler was a great winner in the theme of foreign policy that was applied in 1930s. Germany invaded other countries like Czech Slovakia that did not have Germans. Hitlers foreign policy and inversion to other countries light-emitting diode to World War

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McDonald's and its cultural branding principle through effective Essay

McDonalds and its cultural branding principle through trenchant communication process - Essay ExampleFast foods have got become integral parts of everybodys fast-paced life. With them, it is just easy to manage time. There is convenience and even saving of the most of import resource one could potentially and relatively consider, time. As everybody is faced with very demanding daily schedules, fast foods have proven themselves effective at coping time and meeting deadlines. This specifically created a wonderful opportunity for McDonalds to meet the prevailing needs in the market via comprehensive marketing techniques. Things did not just now come smoothly for McDonalds the easy way around. It needed to substantially invest in creating its shout through effective communication process. One important move it was able to successfully perform in order to achieve its place in the competition right now was its ability to differentiate its merchandise service. It substantially aimed at giving the world its favorite foods, but in a unique way, which provides a niftyer value for customer experience. McDonalds simply has marketing freedom. With this business privilege, McDonalds has become a powerful company in the world, a producer of knowledge, opener of public consciousness and a great deceiver because there is freedom on its part to use the media with a corresponding advertising budget. This implies that media advertisements be considered to be great ways to influence people and keep the target consumers informed about the a la mode(p) line of product and service offerings of McDonalds.

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Human Resourses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Resourses - Essay ExampleEffective human resource policies should at enhancing job morale, step-down job turnover and increasing individual employee productivity (Patchen 67). Task unmatchable human resource plans The strategical plans of human resource management are suffered at achieving increased employee morale, increased skills and compliance with the rules and regulations of the governance. The plans also aim at adhering with labor laws. Compliance with labor laws. The organization should ensure compliance with industrial labor laws on minimum wages, working hours, preventive and occupational laws, pensions and opposite contractual obligations. There will be impressive channels of communication where employees can forward their dissatisfaction with supervisory programs and other grievances. All the grievances will be arbitrated promptly and all(prenominal) employees will be accorded comely hearing in case of disciplinary proceedings (Lauby 61). Recruitment and interviewing. The organization should implement recruitment and selection practices which result to hiring the best talent. Accurate advertisements which contain the job descriptions and person specifications and other related information shall be placed within a reasonable time. Recruitment shall be fair and seasonably hiring shall be implemented. Well planned induction shall be offered to all new employees (Lauby 78). Compensation. Compensation shall hold both monetary and non-monetary rewards. Compensation should be equitable between work groups and levels of management. Compensation shall be benchmarked to the food market rates. Employee performance management. Individual goals shall be aligned to overall organizational goals and objectives. Regular performance appraisals shall be conducted and timely feedback disseminated to all employees. Training and development. Mentoring and coaching shall be offered to all employees. Training shall be aligned with individual goals and organizational needs. Skills audit shall be conducted regularly to identify training needs. Succession planning and continuity shall be ensured. concurrence with legal provisions (Lauby 97). The organization shall diversity, privacy, equal opportunity and freedom of information in human resource practices. Discrimination shall be prohibited. Task two questionnaire The questionnaire will use a rating scale of one to five as follows (1) strongly agree, (2) agree, (3) neither agree or disagree, (4) disagree and (5) strongly disagree. The list of questions which employees at all levels will be expected to respond to is as follows. 1) Are proud to work for the association? 2) Are you free to express your fear and dissatisfaction in your work? 3) Is your immediate supervisor competent in human relations? 4) Do you feel that you are able to work for the company as recollective as you do a good job? 5) Does the company offer salary levels which compare with others in the industry? 6) Doe s your compensation match your skills, roles and responsibilities? 7) Do you receive immediate feedback on your personal accomplishments and achievements? 8) Is your immediate supervisor concerned with the quality of services you offer? 9) Do you feel the company has adequate health and safety standards in your

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Advanced Economic Analysis (Economic efficiency) Essay

locomote Economic Analysis (Economic efficiency) - Essay ExampleEfficiency of exchange requires that all(a) allocations lie on the entreat curve such that the marginal rate of switching between each pair of goods (x and y) is identical for all consumers. Recall that each consumer maximises utility by attaining the point of tangency between the indifference curve and the work out line for goods x and y.Efficiency in production requires that each buzz offrs Marginal gait of Technical Transformation between capital and labour is identical in the production of all goods and is achieved analogously to the efficiency of exchange. The requirement is that the Marginal rates of duty period between any two pairs of inputs be the comparable for all producers. This is ensured through profit maximization which ascertains equality between the MRTS and input determine ratio.Efficiency in the Output market requires that the output mix be chosen such that the marginal rate of transformation between any two pair of goods is equal to every consumers marginal rate of substitution for the two goods. ... assuming that in the market for sugar initially the scathe and quantity are at their equilibrium or market clearing levels P* and Q* as shown in the diagram to a lower place (figure 1). forecast 1 The market clearing price and quantity of sugar There are two cases that gather up to be looked at 1) the government intends to determine the price above P* and 2) the government intends to restrict the price infra P*. Consider the first case. At any price above P*, in that respect leave behind be free supply and this excess supply will exert a down pressure on the price to move back to the market clearing level P*. hypothecate the government wants to restrict the price at PP*. The government has two main options. First, it can visit a regulation or a price control that does not allow producers to charge below P. Alternatively it can buy off the necessary excess supply s o that the price settles at P. This is shown in the diagram below (figure 2). Figure 2 The government buys off the excess supply at price P so that it now becomes the market clearing price Essentially, the government creates supernumerary demand to sweep up the excess supply and thereby mitigates the downward pressure on prices. asunder from this, the options available to the government are those of putting a quota on the sugar producers and/or providing them monetary incentives to produce within the quota. Now, consider case 2) where the government intends to restrict the price at a level below P*. There will be excess demand at this price and thus prices will tend to rise upward. The first option the government has is to legally forbid producers from charging more. Suppose the government wants to restrict the price at a maximum of P. It can either legally prohibit high prices. Or as an alternative, if it has access to

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Criminal Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Criminal Justice - Essay ExampleThis dissertation will look into the matter of state of Connecticut versus Jeff Jackson, which will outline activities that took place after the entreaty in the appellant accost. It will also discuss criminal jurisprudence and honor of defendants proof of free from criminal hitchs beyond any reasonable doubt. The judgeships, in accordance to criminal justice, pick out justice operations in various ways that give a plaintiff a candidate for probation revocation appeal and plea-bargaining that do take place in between the time of arrest insure and sentencing (Connecticut, 2011). The laws of Connecticut were officially released on a date when a slip of impression was the operative Appellate petitions and filing of cases was certified as a way acceptance appeals. In that date, Jeffrey Jackson appealight-emitting diode to the Appellate butterfly for conviction of judgment, which was concluded by the control board in the trial court after his trial . Jeffery Jackson was given up a warrant of arrest due to possession and use of narcotic drugs and in violation of superior general Statutes that resulted to trial by courts jury. After hearings, the defendant proved his innocence of allegations to a dismantle of reasonable doubt (Connecticut, 2011). This had diluted the burden that required proof to take improper judgment. The Appellate homage on consideration of defendants claim, with the reversing of the judgment by the jury of the trial, Jeffrey Jackson requested for a new hearing in the Appellate court. Thereafter, the Appellate court accepted the request on a states petition that guaranteed certification to consider appeal, but with limited issues regarding the Appellate court (Katz, 2007). The courts jury objection to statutory evidence that abided with criteria of operation in the law firm was not to be considered by the Appellate court. The jury objected to requests from the Appellate court regarding determination of ov erall judgment as per instructions referring to reasonable doubt. The impermissible burden of proof was diluted improperly according to state of opinion set by the jury upon the Appellate court. While incarcerated at a correctional center, Jeff Jackson underwent strips of searches led by a correctional officer to provide reasonable evidence of possession of the narcotic drugs. The jury ordered a state of carriage of burden that required proofing substantial and empirical evidence. This involved communication channel tests from samples of blood from Jeffrey Jackson as well as tests for positive result from use of cocaine (Connecticut, 2011). consequence beyond reasonable doubt leaves the plaintiff firmly convinced that the defendant is guilty or not guilty, from the fact that the jury has absolute certainty for siding with the defendant, and not the plaintiff but constituting maintenance of discriminative and law ethics. The procedural history was additional facts that were except ional according to the defendants routines that involved carrying procedural activities most of them that differed from the showing given by jurys ruling. The jury did not ordain a standard charge in the basis of reasonable doubt decision making and ruling as per the plaintiffs charges (Connecticut, 2011). The reason as to why the jury did not describe reasonable doubt in the case of Jeffrey Jackson was the reasonable prudence that hesitated to perform more weighty cases that awaited the jurys intervention. The court acknowledged difference in trial and sentencing in the

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The Departed Analysis Essay Example for Free

The dead soul Analysis EssayThe Departed is a film tell by Martin Scorsese which won numerous awards at the 79th annual Academy Awards. Scorsese has directed many films that have won academy awards but he had never achieved the award for the best director. This changed with the 2006 plow of The Departed and Scorsese got what he had ached for so many years. This film was indeed a film that I enjoyed watching. hitherto it also got me thinking what role ethics played in this blockbuster. During the beginning of the movie Jack Nicholson adopts bland Damon and treats him like his own child.Damon wants to be a priest when he grows up. If youre a priest you close to likely wont kill anyone even if it is for self defense because killing is a sin. merely being the clever genius that Nicholson is asks Matt Damon when youre facing end of a loaded tympan, what divergence does it make? Nicholsons character, Frank Costello adopts Damons character, Sullivan mainly for personal intell igence purposes. He wants to have a mole in the SIU department like the government has moles in the Mafia families.The best person adequate for this job would be someone that you have raised as your own because the trust will unendingly be there. Nicholson shows good ethics when he takes Damon under his wing. However as the movie progresses we find the on-key motive for the adoption. Nicholson wants someone who he can trust, that can keep him one step ahead of the practice of law which is morally wrong. When Leonardo DiCaprios character Costigan is training for the job of a police officer he is denied the job due to his family ties to the Boston underworld. Costigan is sincerely a good guy affiliated with a good-for-naught name.Vice versa Damon is a bad guy affiliated with a good name. Jobs shouldnt be garbled because of someones family affiliation with certain groups especially if the person applying wants to change all that and has the knowledge and the will power to do so. I understand the phrase like father, like son but that isnt always necessarily true. The world is not just black and white it has shades of grey in it as well. Later in the movie we find that Frank Costello himself is a possible informant for the FBI and that he has recorded conversations of himself talking about illegal activities with Matt Damon.He has done this as a guard duty incase the FBI indicts him in an even more serious case. If the FBI does indict him he will use the tapes as a leverage to get a reduced sentence or immunity. This is not very respectable because he adopted a son for his own freedom from government agencies. Towards the end of the movie it is really ironic that Jack Nicholson dies by what he told Damon so that he wouldnt become a priest. When youre facing the end of a loaded barrel, what difference does it make? Matt Damon was facing the loaded barrel of Nicholsons gun but Damon got to pull the trigger first.Because of Nicholsons bad ethics he got what he deserved by getting chap by his own adopted son whom he apply for pure personal protection from government agencies. In the final scene of the movie when Matt Damon is shot dead by Mark Wahlberg it was unethical of Wahlberg to shoot Damon. He should have gathered evidence for a trial by a jury. However I think the murder was justified and fair for a better society. He could have played by the rules. But since Matt Damon didnt play by the rules why should Mark Wahlberg.

Teaching and Learning Support Essay Example for Free

Teaching and Learning Support EssayKnow the anatomical structure of procreation from early years to post-compulsory education. 1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early years education. It is the entitlement of each child amongst 3 and 4 years to receive free part time early years education. The disposal (in this case Cheshire East) ensures that all children receive 2 free years of education before reaching train age.Early years provisions in schools is about devising sure children learn through diarrhea rather than through formal education for example in a classroom. However it is to follow the EYFS course until the end of their early years education. 1.2 Explain the characteristics of different types of schools in relation to educational stages and school governance.thither atomic number 18 4 types of school in the UK which all follow the national curriculum which ar confederation schools which are run and owned by the local authority and as such will fork over support through creating cerebrate with the community and providing support services as well as making use of school facilities for example adult learning. Voluntary schools which can either be voluntary aided or voluntary controlled. Voluntary aided schools and run by religious bodies and governed by them. Whereas voluntary controlled schools are funded by the local authority which employs staff provided both are usually owned by a charitable organisation.Foundation and trust schools are run and owned by their own presidential term body but consult with the local education authority. Trust schools will often partner up with a local business which they buy into but gain continued support from said business. specialist schools are secondary schools with specialist status and through successfully doing so will receive supernumerary funding. Additionally there are now Academies which have usually been set up by sponsors but are now able to do so through community support.The have close links with the local education authority and have more freedom. 1.3 Explain the post-16 options for young people and adults. There are many Post-16 options for young people to undertake and the government guarantees that by the time they leave compulsory education they will have moved to one of these options. Either fulltime or part time education at a college or sixth form. An apprenticeship which includes a job or work placement. Entry to employment or employment with training such as an NVQ level 2.

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Teaching And Learning Activities Essay Example for Free

Teaching And Learning Activities Essay mental institutionThere atomic number 18 many teaching and learning activities which are personad to achieve lesson plan aims and objectives. The imagery will depend upon a number of factors, such(pre zero(prenominal)inal) as the domain and level of objective. For utilisation, the most eliminate activities to learn a motor skill is through demonstration and individual practice whereas to bring forward cognition and understanding a lecture, root debate and question and answer academic sessions activities are more(prenominal) appropriate (Reese and baby buggy p137).Reese and go-cart (pg 140) states that Honey and Mumford (1986) published the manual of learning styles which identified four main learning stylesActivists whom, whoop it up the present, like the immediate carry out and respond to short term issuesReflectors whom, prefer to think about things and explore in all aspects before coming to a conclusion. Theorists whom, like principles, theories, models and systems.Pragmatists whom look for new ideas and are keen to examineWe as teachers therefore need to think about what teaching strategies the pupils prefer, particular in a railway line of study which consists of a mixture of activists, reflectors, theorist and pragmatists.The group size is an other(a) important factor to consider when choosing a learning activity. Different strategies/ activities are more appropriate for different group size. At one primitive a group may consist of only one scholarly person. In such circumstances methods such as projects or assignments, and jitneying may be more able whereas for small groups of between 5 and 20 students, a discussion method is suitable. A group between 10 and 20 the approach lots adopted is what is traditionally called classroom teaching (Reese and Walker pg 137) which consists of a mixture of methods. Groups greater than 20 students, suitable strategies could be lecture and demonstratio n.Generally, students learn in different ways an approach that is appropriate to one student may not be appropriate for another. Some people learn better in a group through the fundamental interaction with both the teacher and other students. We must therefore realise the brilliance of varying learning activities for our students (Reese and Walker, pg 138).The aims and objectives of this assignment are toa) Review the move of teaching and learning activities available to instigate open access and widening participation. Review the range of resources available within the organisation for a selected program areab) Prepare, use and survey one of teaching and learning activities and resources.c) Evaluate one of the activities selected.d) Analyse the strengths and challenges of the selected resource and how it has advocateed learning.Teaching and Learning ActivitiesAs discussed by Petty (pg 15) there are two approaches to go by the choice of activities, the mnemonic EDUCARE (table 1.1) and CIA (table 1.2). Educare is a suitable guide when learning is centre on acquiring specific skills whereas CIA is a more indirect approach to arranging corrected practise if learning is not focused on acquiring specific skills.EDUCAREEExplanation, student needs to understand why the skill is mandatoryDDoing-Detail via demonstration or case study, for exampleUUse, practise skillC fix and correct practiseAAide-memoire, student requires reminder- for example notes, handoutRReview and reuse, of earlier mould so that old learning is not forgottenEEvaluation.Table 1.1 (Petty, pg15)CIACContent, Clarify issuing content to an appropriate depth and breadthIIdeas, Determine contents main concepts, factors, evidence, viewpoints etcAActivities, puddle questions and activities where students must reason with the key ideasTable 1.1 (Petty, pg 357)I apply both approaches depending on the subject area, in some instances EDUCARE may be a more suitable guide for a topic in chemistry wher eas CIA is suitable for a topic in biology. For the develop aspect of my job the CIA approach is more appropriate because the trainees teaching are not acquiring specific skills.My current role at Thermo negatron Corporation involves training clients on how utilise sophisticated equipments and teach chemistry classes and assist biology classes voluntarily at St Helens College.The training sessions runs for 2 days 0900 to 1630 every three months. The number of clients range between 5 and 12 with different scientific backgrounds and various levels of experience with the equipments. The next training session will be on April 25th and 26th for 8 clients. The total number of training hours is 15. I have a training manual from the former trainer which I follow for each training session. The training sessions involves audio, visual and kinaesthetic teaching styles. I use OHP, handouts and demonstrations.The organic chemistry and physiology course eon is 16 weeks (from January 2006 to Ma y 2006). The chemistry are 3 hours in the evenings, 5 students in total of flux sexual urge, aged 16-19, and all students are currently employed by United Utilities and come on the course on day release basis from their employers. Their main reason for being on the course is for efficacy purposes to improve career prospects and the recommendation by their employer. The physiology classes are 3 hours per week, 18 students in total, mixed gender and age ranges 16-19. Most are straight from secondary school others are repeating the units. I currently assist the tutor to set-up practical session.The teaching and learning activities (particularly in a classroom environment) that I use in order to promote open access and encourage participation include Ice-breakers, group activities (games, quizzes), think sessions and discussions. The ice-breakers and informal introductions results learners to know each other and usually reveal what the learners bring to the group such as, question s, experience (good or bad, personal and academic), and varied levels of knowledge of the subject.The activities I use more frequently are group activities. I split the group into 2 or 3 group (depending on activity and the no. of attendees) to carry out matching card games, electronic games or to partake in a quiz. duplicate cards game.The maximum number of students on the evening organic chemistry course is five, for this reason they all melt in a group. I prepare two sets of cards, one set with question and the other set with answers. During the lesions the students are told to arrange the seating so as to work in a team. They are then presented with the cards are given a period of time in which to complete the task.electronic games.The students work individually. Prior to the lesson I research subject-related game on the internet. The last game found had a game represent type theme, who wants to be a millionaire type format. The more questions you answer correctly the envelop ing(prenominal) the chances of winning 1MillionClass QuizThe class is arranged again in a game show setting, split into two groups. The team that gives the highest number of answers correctly wins the game.These activities prove favourable for the students, it makes the learning process fun and interesting, at the same time encouraging teamwork and participation.The group activities also gives me the opportunity to observe social interaction study learners relationship with one another gain an insight to their character and identify confident, reluctant, dominant and quieter characters. I would definitely reuse this method as it is a very effective learning method.Although the activities have proven successful there are areas of improvement. Such introducing more different types of games setting tasks so that at the powerful level for all students setting different tasks for different students stretching activities for students/groups whom finish early check students work by movin g systematically round the class looking over their shoulders and possibly asking students to self-check or peer-check. For tasks such as the Matching cards game it ensures that no one is completing the tasks incorrectly, and would allow the tutor to manage the tasks more effectively (Petty, pg 170).ResourcesA resource, as defined by Reece and Walker is a support to teaching strategies which assists learning. The resources I often use to present materials and teach are WB, handouts, OHP, and the Internet.Aside the Whiteboard, the resource I use most often are handouts (see attached example of my lesson plan). The handouts are distributed at the start of the lesson.The handouts are combinations of worksheets and development handouts. They include text, Q A sections and diagrams from the internet or/and textbooks relevant to the topic for that session. The worksheets (incomplete handouts) have gaps which the students are pass judgment to shade off during the lesson and on occasion s complete for homeworkThe source of diagrams and texts are always referenced, for copy-write purposes and to encourage the student do own research/study. The diagrams are colourful illustrations and the text is often printed on coloured theme in order to differentiate between different aspects. The students are talked through the handouts and asked to answer the questions or fill-in the gaps individually (occasionally in groups).I find this resource a very effective visual uphold for learning it is simple, to the point and interesting. The main advantages of visual aids as discussed by Petty are they gain attention they add chassis and interest they aid conceptualisation, many ideas are understood visually earlier than verbally they aid memory, I find that the students find visual information easier to remember than verbal information and lastly they show you care, going to trouble of preparing visual aids shows students you take their learning seriously.The resources weakness on the other-hand is that the learner tends not to read the handouts that are why it is good practice to include incomplete handouts at the start of the lesson. Completion of the handout poop form the focus of the learning (Reece and Walker pg 212).I evaluate the chosen aid by asking my students their opinion about the suitability and whether they assisted learning. The feedback is generally positive, particularly about the bright coloured papersTeaching methodsPetty (1998 pg 121) states that in order to make an certain choice of teaching method and in order to be adaptable and have a variety of activities for lesson planning, the teacher must know what teaching methods are available what are the strengths and weaknesses of these methods what purpose each of them can serve and how each should be used in practice.I choose resources that are best worthy to my teaching methods. Depending on the topic my methods can include one or more of the following audio, visual, activities, dem onstrations and discussions. For example the white board, handouts and cards are resources best suited for brainstorming/discussion and group activities.According to Reese and Walker (pg 138) we as teachers need to consider how to provide the experiences so as to make learning as gentle and quick to possible. Two possible approaches are to design a teaching programme where the content is carefully derived from an analysis of the students personal, social/or vocational needs, and which is implemented by the tutor in controlled and organised mood the second approach starts from the experience of the student. It then depends upon the student identifying and accepting a need to learn.The teaching methods which allow this second approach to be implemented will be project work derived from students current experience, discussions, activities designed to provide opportunities for specific learning outcomes, and the learning of specific problem-solving techniques.ReferencePetty, G. Teach ing Today, second edition, 1998, pages 121-166 and 315-333.Reece, I. and Walker, S. Teaching, Training and Learning. A practical guide, fourth edition, 2000, pages 6, 49-57, 531-533.

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The Art of Persuasion Essay Example for Free

The Art of belief EssayIn his video, The Science of Persuasion Wiesel uses weighty techniques by persuading one to use his techniques in their papers. Wiesel explains and goes into detail about how and when to use the six go of persuasion which are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus. Wiesel says in his video that authority is one of the steps of persuasion and by doing so uses his techniques on the viewer because he comes off as an authority figure because he is the teacher in this video thus making him an authority figure. Since Wiesel is coming off as an authority figure, one would be more likely to be persuaded and do what he is saying, which in this case is to use his persuasive techniques. Wiesel uses his persuasive techniques of reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus to persuade others to use his persuasive writing techniques in their papers.

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Circular Dichroism and Secondary Structure of Proteins Essay Example for Free

pear-shaped Dichroism and Secondary Structure of Proteins EssayProteins are alert to an organism life they are involved in nearly all cellular functions. It is an essential routine of enzymes, the cellular membrane, active transport, protein synthesis and wound healing. Because one relies so heavily upon proteins and its function the grammatical construction of proteins is excessively very important. The way a protein will fold over its self-determines how it interacts with other chemicals in its proximity, primarily because of assorted attractive forces being subjected at specific angles from certain amino acids on the proteins primary building and the final shape in the tertiary and quandary structure (Circular dichroism ). The structure of proteins can range from unsubdivided to complex molecules. Proteins may consist of a primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure. The secondary structure consists of hydrogen bonds which join amide and carboxylic groups. These bonds arent far from the backbone of proteins. This structure is capable of structures such as alpha helicies, important sheets, and beta turns (Jim, 2007). The physical, secondary structure is important because it helps in determining the activity of a protein.Circular Dichrosim spectrum analysis has been place as prevalent application used in structural biology in determining whether a protein is folded, characterizing its secondary structure, tertiary structure, and the structural family along with other uses as well (Circular dichroism ). Circular dichroism, CD spectroscopy has defined a form of faint absorption spectroscopy. It measures the difference in the absorption of account polarized light by a substance on the right and left. The secondary structure of a protein can be analyzed between the spectrum of approximately 260 and 180 nm. Estimates of secondary proteins can be compared to X-ray crystallography or proton magnetic resonance (Kelly, Jess, C., 2005).The structures identified in this spectrum are the alpha helix, parallel and antiparallel beta sheet, and turns (Berndt, 1996).The only drawback with CD is that til now with the implied spectrum, it has been found that there is no exact standard refer spectrum for a pure secondary structure. artificial homopolypeptides used to obtain reference spectra are in general, poor models for the secondary structures found in proteins (Berndt, 1996). The CD signal reflect the entire molecular population it can determines how much of a certain structure and protein contains. It cannot determine the specific residues involved in the alpha-helical portion. In Circular Dichroism a linear polarized light passes by means of a optically active sample of a protein. This protein has a different absorbance for lucks.The amplitude of the stronger absorbed component will smaller than that of the less absorbed component. A projection is created of the resulting amplitude. The result is no longer a linea r line but and ellipse (PARTHASARATHY, 1985). Different analyses have been developed to help with various contributions that work up from the different types of secondary structures present in a single molecule. The use of reference spectra have been created from know protein structures to help find the overall and secondary structure of unknown proteins (Whitmore A., 2007). Recently a new reference dataset of SRCD spectra of proteins of known structure, designed to cover secondary structure and fold space (Berndt, 1996).Works CitedBerndt, K. D. (1996, May 31). 4.2.1 Circular dichroism spectroscopy. Retrieved October 02, 2012, from 4.2.1 Circular dichroism spectroscopy Circular dichroism . (n.d.). Retrieved October 02, 2012, from APlab http//www.ap-lab.com/circular_dichroism.htm Jim, C. (2007, August). The Structure of Proteins. Retrieved October 02, 2012, from Chemguide http//www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/aminoacids/proteinstruct.html Kelly, S. M., Jess, T. J., C., P. N. (200 5). How to study proteins by circular dichroism. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1751, 119 139. PARTHASARATHY, M. (1985). Protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectra. Proc. Int. Symp. Biomol. Struct. Interactions, 141-149. Whitmore, L., A., W. B. (2007). Protein Secondary Structure Analyses from Circular Dichroism. Biopolymers, 392-400.

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Paradise Lost Essay Example for Free

promised land doomed Es theorizeParadise Lost is a poem by John Milton that is ab pop the Fall of Man, how Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent who is Satan, and how God sent them out of the garden. Satan makes the angels turn against God leading to his expulsion out of paradise as well. Gods mercy, the son of God and the ultimate salvation and redemption ar brought out in this epic poem. The poem is a series of arguments that were an expression of the characters in the poem. On and reading the poem, one understands that these poems are an expression of what Milton holds as the truth.He employs the use of analogies are digression to rationalise his belief with Satan considered a hero. Puritans were the extreme Protestants who were within the Church of England who held a strong belief that the reclamation did not make enough changes in the teachings and structure of the church. Puritans therefore found it upon themselves to purify their church by doing away with whatever they regarded as Catholic influence. They are extremely strict especially with regard to ethical motive and religious matters. Puritans hold strong convictions regarding various aspects on the Biblical teachings. First, that personal salvation was from God alone.Secondly, that the al-Quran is the Bible was the true guide to life. Thirdly, that the way a church lives should be in accordance with what the scriptures say and finally that the society was unified as one. This paper lead explain how the poem Paradise Lost is a reflection of John Miltons Puritan beliefs. Milton discusses topics like the reality of evil, divine providence and the spinal fusion of the human race as one. As mentioned above, these are the strong convictions of Puritans. Paradise Lost is seen to be Miltons expression of his Puritan belief which is mainly truth and purity despite the decadence of the society.In parole V, Abdiel, who was confronted by Satan refused to rebel against God and jealously guarded h is faithfulness to God. The poem begins with a urbane war in heaven. Here, dickens was exiled out of heaven after revolting against God. Together with Beelzebub, they form an alliance. This is a reflection of the civil war that happened in England with the puritans characterized as Lucifer and England as God. The Puritans had tried to take oer England the same way Lucifer tried to overthrow God. Many Puritans were killed. Milton was excommunicated from the society just like Lucifer was sent away from heaven.ConclusionMilton argues in his poem that just as God is not to consign for the fall of man, neither was Milton to take blame for the corruption and subsequent trials that were faced in England at the clipping of Oliver Cromwell. That the failure of Puritanism was as a result of the people not accepting Gods will in the ruler ship of England. The conclusion of the poem is based on Miltons belief that dogmatic obedience to God will lead to order and sanity in the society and t he world at large. According to John Milton, Paradise Lost is a parallel to the civil wars in England and the English reformation that led to the emergence of the Puritans.

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Casey Anthony Essay Example for Free

Casey Anthony moveCourtroom tests are very interesting to me and I really enjoyed clerking for judges and being up to(p) to watch constantlyything from beginning to end. The case I have chosen is a venire trial and that control board ends up being seven women and five men. The criminal laws that were violated were m whatever starting with Child Neglect, devising false official statements and obstructing an investigation. Forging checks, fraudulent use of identification and petty theft, first degree murder, exasperate child abuse provoked manslaughter and four counts of lying to law enforcement. Heading the prosecution was the District attorney of Orange County Florida with several of the Assistant District Attorneys. The defense team has Jose Baez and what they were calling a team of defense counsel, which actually ended up only being 3. Judge Belvin Perry was on the bench and all of the witnesses that were on both the states list of witnesses to call but the defense as well. The let outcome of this trial rocked the nation as the verdict was read live which were Not Guilty of modify Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse and Aggravated Manslaughter.The defendant was found guilty on 4 counts of the forgery of checks and was credited for time served, then released from jailhouse. Casey Anthony do national news for several days and remained the top story. She had been charged and arrested with murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey denied ever knowing anything to the police of her whereabouts and told law enforcement that her nanny had taken Caylee by force and she had been looking for her in several(predicate) avenues, to supposedly protect the child.Also stating she should have contacted police sooner than 31 days prior, but she was in fear for her daughters life was the story she stuck to. After being jailed and held without bond pictures of the spring chicken mother were posted all over My Space portraying Casey Anthony as nonhi ng but a party girl. It wasnt until the actual trial started and the story took a huge flip and George Anthony who is Caseys father and grandfather of teensy-weensy Caylee, was being accused of sexually molesting his daughter since she was 8 years old and covering up the lawfulness about the whereabouts of the two year old.Since Casey had been a child, she had been taught to cover up and lie about certain situations if it was liberation to cause embarrassment to the family. It was George who had found the lifeless body of Caylee Anthony, lying face down in their family and the cover-up began. George Anthony did not want it to number out that the family was ir trusty and left the ladder out to get into the pool. Which the story reads, little Caylee climbed up that ladder and got in the pool herself, overdue to no supervision and drowned. otiose mud of a small child were found 3 months later within a slub of the Anthony home.The body had been discarded like a piece of trash, and her remains had been duct taped in a black garbage bag and tossed into the woods. It became media frenzy and, Orlando, Florida became the busiest it had ever been since the child had gone missing. It was in fact the remains of Caylee Anthony and to this day, the young mother sticks to her story and accuses her own father of covering the death of her child up and agonistic Casey to go along with it. She had been taught to obey her father and did not want to go against his strictness and allowed George Anthony to dispose of the body.The trial that began on May 24, 2011 went to the jury on July 3rd 2011. Deliberations were suspended over the 4th of July holiday and resumed July 5th. During its deliberations, the jurors did not ask to review any of the 400 exhibits, request any clarifications of the law or ask for any of the trial testimony to be read back. After deliberating for 10 hours and 40 minutes, the foreperson informed the court that the jury had reached a unanimous verdic t that afternoon. More often than not when a jury returns a verdict that quickly and without asking for any type of assistance from the court, it bodes ill for the defendant.This jury, however, was about to prove the old motto that juries are unpredictable despite what all the talking heads predicted it would conclude. The jury found her not guilty of murder, aggravated child abuse and manslaughter. She was however, convicted of four counts of lying to police officers. Judge Perry sentenced Casey to one year in jail and $1,000. 00 in fines for each of the providing false information counts. She was released from jail on July 17, 2011due to time already served. While Casey had been judge in her daughters death, Caseys problems were not at an end.The defamation suit of Zenaida Gonzalez who Casey accused of kidnapping her daughter (one of the false statements) is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages. Gonzalez states she lost her job as a will of Caseys allegations which l ed to the loss of her apartment by eviction and she and her 6 children continue to be plague and threatened. (Kumar) It has changed how society works today by taking more child missing stories more somber and not to the facts of the case, but the simple fact that the 12 person jury could not convict her due to lack of evidence.The State of Florida had not proved their case and she was walking free except with a fewer misdemeanor charges of lying to law enforcement. How could this have happened, with all the circumstantial evidence of her guilt was obvious, the jury stood by the law? The evidence did not prove that Casey had been involved at all without purpose any deoxyribonucleic acid or any other minute evidence. At almost the end of the trial, Casey asked to be evaluated by Psychologist and shrink to see if she was mentally capable to continue with the trial. She was found competent and the trial continued til the end finding her not guilty.All of America disagreed with the verdict except the defendant and the defense counsel and still held her responsible for her daughters death. Society even went to the extreme as to calling the jury idiots I believe Casey Anthony led a not so great life, but was also a spoiled brat who always got her way. So with the news that she was walking free didnt surprise me, as I couldnt see any material evidence either. Sad but true, she is out living her life without her daughter and it does not seem to take to task her a bit. Casey is in hiding though as of today and knows there are people out there who hate her.She has started to learn and recognize her lies and what they did to people, and has told friends she has a lot of regards. Other sources say she plans to receive mental counseling. She is young and optimistic and realizes she cant change the past but she can move forward.

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Cookridge Ltd Essay Example for Free

Cookridge Ltd Essayinkwell is a Public circumscribed comp some(prenominal) and was leavened in 2003, seven eld ago by 2 of its three dupe holdling sh beholders, Paul Farnon and Victoria Dawson. Two years ago indigotin Gupta bought into the component party and joined the board as Finance Director. The comp whatever has its head consumption and w arhouse on the industrial estate in Birmingham, where the centering team up and account section resides, including a large central w atomic number 18house. 4.2 The strain was doctor up to offer a part exchange adroitness on channel entranceible 24 hours a day clock successionlight or physic bothy bring them into one of the 60 shops, and supplies a complete range of re-manufactured inkjet and toner magazine publishers through nationwide high street shops. Its main competitors be suppliers in the cartridge supplier sector in UK. Its main internecine stakeholders are itsBoard of Directors, universe the investors and manager of the strategy of rules. Employees, they are the sourers of the organization in various departments to run its operations in return for a salary. Its external stakeholders are itsSuppliers, these are the people that provide the supplies of re-manufactured inkjet and laser toner cartridge afterward it has been refilled. Customers that pay on cash, post online, or buy at one of the nationwide network of shops. These customers account for 80% of Inkwell restrain revenue. Government of UK, they are interested in the setance of the business in order to be commensurate to collect the taxes on the profit levels. 4.4 The shareholders are still heavily involved in the day to day operations with Paul Fernon as Managing Director with 40% shares with the largest share, Victoria Dawson as gross revenue Director with 30% shares and Anil Gupta as Finance Director with 30% shares. A qualified Accountant Alex Fox has been active as the first member of the accountant team that reports to Michael OPayne but ache direct assenting to the Finance Director as well. 4.5 Inkwell Limited is organized into departments and has an equivalent of 180 employees includingthe accounting department see Appendix on page for a structured chart. Analysis and evaluating the come out of the closet(a)lineStructure and employment5.1 The dramatize Accountant is Michael OPayne whos responsible for the running of the accounting department. The first member of the accounts team is Alex Fox with opposite 5 full time rung. 5.2 The com siteerized system in the head index is an co-ordinated system which is linked between the different accounting functions. While in other 60 shops they are on a complete founding and entropy and entropy are stored separately. 5.3 The different section of the department, its module and responsibilities General Ledger and Inventory- Michelle Labelle account clerk. Responsible for entering relevant info into the universal book, keep mon etary adjudge over companies inventories. Purchase account book- Liana Khan accounts clerk. Responsible for liaising with suppliers and other associated trans movements. Sales ledger- Greg Morris accounts clerk. Responsible for dealing with customers and other associated transactions. addressing- Alan Cook cost technician. Responsible for dealing with input costs and other associated transactions. paysheet- Sharon Ward, BA (Hons) is a military force database and wage clerk. Responsible for preparing monthly salaries and wages for any the employees and all associated transactions and second is to maintain the military unit database. 5.4 The accounting functions in details areProcessing and recording of the financial transactions of the mention customers and assign suppliers of the different sections in the accounts department. Preparation of commission informations on realisation sales, credit purchases, cost and payroll associated returns and documents. 5.5 Michelle Label le in the general ledger and inventory function Enters all data requiring input straight steering into companys cash book and its petty cash imprest system and keep financial control over the companys inventories. If inventories get above three days holding in any shop Michelle has to telephone and get justifications for the variance. 5.6 Liana Khan in the purchase ledger functionMakes sure that all suppliers invoices and credit nones are entered into theAccounts Payable Ledger, and for Subsequently arranging the payments to suppliers.5.7 Greg Morris in the sales ledger functionUses a credit reference agency to ensure that potential impudently credit customers have no history of poor payments. Checks any pertly customer who applies is always given a line of credit after this trial period. 5.8 Alan Cook in the costing functionUses a target costing approach, working out what the cost of each(prenominal) component such as ink or plastic, and Supplies management with the monthly ba sis, andAdvises management of variances from target.5.9 Sharon Ward in the payroll and personnel database function Operates the companys two payrolls prepares the pay slips from the rotas prepared by the managers for the caters. The salaries staffs are paid monthly on the last working day of the month using the Bankers Automated Clearing trunk (BACS). 6 Review of the accounting system6.1 present Keeping dodgingA business need an effective and manageable recordkeeping system. This is why in the business environment with regulated accounting structures, it is vital that organizations have the required records of evidence to maintenance business operations. entirely transaction is electronically and manually elegant to be do available. The necessity to provide access to save information is crucial. These are informations relating to the different accounting function, such as PurchaseSalesPayrollCash and Banking book of account keeping systems are usedTo better support the pe rformance of the organization activities and enable better decision making all end-to-end the structure of the organization. To addle sure that information is available for future or current processes, and helps also in the improving and upgrading of the manual or computerized processes. To channelize any future issues that may arise internally orexternally, such as fraud, lawsuits and other an-ethical accusations. To support the employees in the different functions of the business to be to a greater extent efficient, productive in the accuracy of delivering the work. Records which are processed and made available are and then used to produce other financial reports. Michelle Labelle in the general ledger and inventory function record and process the different inventory, suppliers data to make available information on SuppliersCost prices change pricesProfit marginsRe-order level and quantitiesThe data is used to slam the overall cost of inventory, purchase and how much owed t o better plan for future costs. Greg Morris in the sales ledger function processes the cash, cheques and other financial data to ensure that information is available on demand for CustomersSelling pricesBad debtAmount customers owedThis information is used for different purposes such as it is used by the debt sight agency for the collections of debt. The use of computerized recording system is more efficient than typography base. This is repayable to because the use of paper base recording system is more likely to produce errors then having a computerized format that data is just inputted in. utilise a computerized system is less costly and time consuming. 6.2 Internal System of controllerFor an organization to have efficient and effective operation of its activities, internal system of control procedures is used by the management in buttocks to ensure that the organization achieve its goals. This is where policies and procedures come in place to establish an internal control s ystem to maximize the remarkion of frauds and errors, and to sully their occurrence also. Existing internal system of control in Inkwell specializeed areSupervision of the accounts office by a Company Accountant and Senior accounts member. A staff rota is prepared by the managers to ensure competent staff insurance coverage for all the opening hours of their shops. An information technology insurance policy exists which sets out rules relevant to securing the computer systems. The computer system throughout the company is password protected. Company cheques are required for authorization by the three directors company accountant and other financial documents for approval. Reconciliation of the purchased stock against recorded inventory level. Purchases duties are segregated to minimize the risk of fraud. A credit rating agency is used to ensure that potentially new credit customers have no history of poor payments. Policy for dealing with non-payment of debt exists, and its s tate out the actions and procedure. Cheques and cash from customers are kept in office safe until it is banked. Internal control that is wanting or washstand modify isCompany policies and procedures.Disciplinary measure to breach of policy or miss conduct.Management supervision.Segregation of duties ply Recruitment proceduresStaff training and Continual Professional Development.Restriction on accessing of computer systems.Enforcement on computerize backup of financial documents.Retention and disposal of records throughout the business.Accounting timeworn and procedures.Risk assessment.Liquidity management. stop and checks of accounting data.List of authorized access.Checks relating to wages paid out trust control system.6.3 joke postiche is the use of deception with the intention of obtaining an advantage, avoiding an obligation or causing loss to someone else or to anorganization this is the general definition of fraud. It is an unfortunate fact of life and comes in many forms and is recognized as a criminal activity in many countries including UK. Possibility and opportunity of fraud within Inkwell limited is possible due to the internal control is non efficient, efficacious, being deficient and the opportunity of fraud is at that place for the taking. Fraud covers a wide range of area criminal activity. Common types of fraud arethi each Dishonestly taking someone elses property.False accounting Dishonestly destroying, defacing, c formerlyaling or misrepresent an accounting record for personal gain or to cause loss to someone else. Bribery and turpitude taking or heavy(p) a bribe that might influence the actions of others. Deception Obtaining property, money, services or evading liability by deception Methods that can be used to detect fraudFraud can be detected by the love manager by simple observation and through experience and also through a robust internal control system. Some sigh can embarrass Employees acting suspiciously looking shif ty and hiding paperwork Employees with higher levels of spending than you would expect from their income Employees working hanker hours and taking less than the normal holiday entitlement. Employees who have a grudge against the organization.Employees who are known to be short of money.The system of the internet to for online sale is also at risk of fraud, since customers give Debit and acknowledgment Cards details to pay their debts. Card fraud transaction can be detected by using Business rules. Opportunity and Potential areas of risk of fraud taking place are 3000 worth of a particular make of cartridge was unaccounted for during reconciliation of inventory with purchase order. Goods not appearing on the warehouse inventory record.Cash and cheques are entered manually which can be easily be cogitation to false accounting Complaints on wages being underpaidOnly one staff operates and have access to payroll system deficiency of written instructionsComputer are not logged out and locked when not in use.No system in place for warehouse or administrative employees to record and know the time they arrive and when they leave the office The usage of debit or credit card detail by customers over the internet to pay. 6.4 Working Methods and PracticesThe working methods used in Inkwell Limited areComputers are attributed to each staff whether part-time or fulltime to work on. The computer systems are run on an integrated network, with all PCs linked to two printers in the department. E really shop has PCs and printers of its own.Microsoft office excel spreadsheets is used in the accounting system for recording of the different data. every last(predicate) computers use Windows candidate operating system and loaded with Microsoft office 2007 consisting of 80-user operating license, and one new computer loaded with discerning Payroll packet boat to unable payroll and personnel system to be run in-house. Internet access is available on every computer with Mozil la Firefox as web browser. Password is used on the computers. expectant trade customers are put on a cash-with-order basis for the first three months of business. A credit reference agency is used potentially new customers have no history of bad credit. All cash and cheques are removed from the till, leaving a float of 50 cash in each for the start of the next day. Staff salaries are paid monthly using the Bankers Automated Clearing System (BACS). Prepared by the wage clerk, signed by the Company Accountant and banked on 24th of each month. The methods and practices can be amendd in the followingAll 60 computers at the shops operate on a stand-alone system. Excel Spreadsheet being used for recording accounting data.Debt collection agency being used to collect bad debt is expensive. Password used for the computers.The removal of all cash and cheques, from the individual tills are notpracticed. Backing up of computerized data.6.5 TrainingTraining is essential for every personnel of a n organization, as it improve the ability of the staff to perform its work and therefor reducing the amount of errors and hired part time staff used to perform tasks that cant be make inside the organization. This is why every staff must get the opportunity to continue their professional development and be skilled to perform the task at hand. Inkwell Limited does not have the proper policy and systems in place to encourage employees to be enrolled in a part time or full time course, unless they take it on themselves to address the issue to the management. Benefits of trainingStaffs are updated to the accounting standard and regulations. They impart be motivate to work and be more efficient due to possibility of a promotion or passage opportunity being join ond, therefor errors is thin outd. Staff will be more skilled to meet the needs of the organization. Professionally regulated staff will be governed by a recognized code of ethics from a professional accountancy body. Will b etter know how to, manage the time to do the tasks, therefor becoming more flexible and productive. Development of an ethical approach to the work and to employers and clients, acquired by experience and training. WEAKNESSES setRecord keeping systemNo completion of trial balance, statutory accounts as planned. Window fertilisation of the accounts.Transaction accounting are not done on a day to day basisAccounting record data entry is not being viewed as apriority by Michael OPayne and Anil Gupta. Having unusual entries found in the general ledger.Errors may occur in inputting data into the computer.Internal System of ControlNo proper recruitment procedures in place to hire staff that has dismiss. The existing policies are not fully followed. This includes the Computers information technology policy, with no proper password, and log off the computer after use. A lack of internal control for spying and fraud prevention Lack of segregation of duties.No proper scheduling back up of a ll IT systems being followed.No proper security for the shops.No policy for data protection.No list of authorized personnel to access certain documents.No follow up control in place to the internal controls being followed.No supervision is done to superintend the signing in and signing out in the business.For the 60 shops, computers run on a stand-alone system.No safeguard for the proper security procedures in place/security issues relating to debit and credit cards details over the internet (Identity theft). FraudPossibility of fraud is high this may be caused due toNothing is done to ensure working practices undergoes a proper way. Inadequate guidance on how to detect and deal with fraud.Low effectiveness of security systems especially the password which does not improved each time is changed and can be guessed easily. A lack of supervision, monitoring and checks of accounting activities and records kept. Debit and Credit cards usage over the internet for customers to pay their debt can be subject to identity theft. Noncompliance to internal control.Unaccounted cartridge holders worth 3500, with no record in inventory. Details of transactions being deleted in the database, relating to one-off epochal payments. Working Methods and PracticesBreach of software and user license for software in use, can bring juristic action against the company. No coverage or placement of professional personnel to comport out the work of absent staff. Lack of enforcement of legal requirement trough out the business and working practice is very low due to low standards Liquidity management is very poor.Lack of motivational skills from the directors of the business. No adequate physical controls to ensure the security and safe keeping of the businesses assets so that they do not go missing or are stolen. Working conditions and schedule are not respected by the Directors, having problems prioritizingwork Lack of staffs, causing over working of staffs and no coverage or place ment of professional personnel to carry out the work of absent staff. Therefor agencies are hired to do the work, which is costly. Job rotation is not practiced in the organizationA required computer program needs to be attributed to these functions Invoicing which is carried out.Data on Excel spreadsheet is manually input.TrainingMore training is needed for operating diligentcost systemPayroll and personal system Several teething problems experienced with the integrated payroll and personnel database. Need for training is needed forProfessional approach to work.Reliability in terms of competence.How to properly handle a potent credit and debit card transaction. RecommendationRecommendations are done following the various weaknesses identified and mentioned above. Record keeping systemThe management must ensure that the planned working schedule is followed strictly. If problems meeting the targets occur, it should be communicated to the responsible supervisors so proper action can be taken. Working schedule should be modify in so that the review of the payments and all other relating transaction are done earlier so that they dont have to window dress. Different task must be prioritized by the management, so that conflict does not occur, were task are neglected. Accounting record data entry must be prioritized by the two organizations directors Michael OPayne and Anil Gupta. The directors must review the benefits that will be gained. Unsure that the proper records relating to the daily business transaction are entered into the general ledger. Verify the data inputted in the computer to ensure that is correct. Internal System of ControlStandard policy and guidelines of hiring staffs should be introduced, pointing out the necessary detailed document that is needed making theprocess more transparent and reliable. Staffs should be sensitized of the policies in place and know the importance of respecting them. Setting up a fraud policy which sets out the way to d etect and deal with fraud, throughout the different working procedure and practice. Duties should be segregated, by place up a system, which when combined, could lead to fraud. The existing policy should be re-enforce, so that the record kept on the computers would be backed up on the server regularly to prevent loss of data instead of doing it once a day. Alarm systems should be installed for all the shops of the organization, to better protect the business assets from being stolen.Proper policy and procedures should be introduced. The Data Protection Act should be communicated to all staffs, to better protect the companys and the customer Data. A list of authorized personnel should be produced and communicated to the staffs. Staff personnel should be put in charge of verifying that all policies in place are being followed. A logging system should be set up to have a record of who comes in the office and at what time. Such system should be monitored to ensure all staff complies. A n integrated network should be set up on a server to connect the computers together with proper licensed software. Safeguards should be utilise on the procedure for transaction involving debit and credit card details provided by the customers. A standard and effective Sage Accounting package should be bought to unable A standard layout of the invoices issued to customers. alter data to be imported and exported from and to Excel spreadsheets. Enable better undercover work of errors in the different account ledgers. FraudTo reduce the possibility of fraud and make the internal control system fraud resistant, the various techniques should use Accounting activities should be supervised on a regular basis. The records and calculation of financial document should be sampled and checked regularly for errors. Make sure that the fraud policy which will be introduced set out the way to detect and deal with fraud, throughout the different working procedure and practice and to make any adjust ment necessary. Managers of the various departments should be given areas of responsibilities and answerability to ensure that fraud is kept to a minimum. prize of a business rule management system (BRMS) approach to fraud detection can be implemented. Business rules can be usedto validate various conditions for detecting anomalies that can indicate fraud.Enables institutions to move quickly in their effort to keep pace with fraudsters. Disciplinary measures or penalties should be set up for breaking an internal control or if a staff is practicing fraudulent act. Physical security should be re-enforced, locking up valuable items away, such as cash and cheques. Set up a limit to which a financial transaction should be requiring authorization, by one or more authorized signature. This may range from petty cash or cheques over a certain amount. Doing a regular reconciliation of the accounts to the financial documents to make sure they balance and errors corrected. Management should c arry out Risk Assessments as part of the of an effective internal control system. Working Methods and PracticesMake sure that all computers use license software in all the shops and departments, monitor that the license are not broken causing legal action to the organization. Adequate number of specialized staffs should be introduced for the coverage of staff that is absent. The business must comply with all relevant External regulations. Such as international accounting standards even government regulation from HMRC. This will aid in raising the standard of working practices. Better management of buying inventory from suppliers. Credit to customers should be reduced. The managers should undergo a management course, to learn how to better manage their business, motivate their employees through training, giving out bonuses, paying for overtime and other incentives. All assets should be recorded and proper management of the assets should be put in place, to know the life cycle. Direct ors should produce an effective working schedule, reducing the stress on employees. Adequate number of specialized staffs should be introduced for the coverage of staff that is absent. Produce an effective rota to unable the staff to rotate to different accounting functions in the organization. A standard and effective Sage Accounting package should be bought to unable A standard layout of the invoices issued to customers.Enable data to be imported and exported from and to Excel spreadsheets. Enable better detection of errors in the different account ledgers. TrainingMore training should be provided forQuick cost systemPayroll and personal systemTo ensure that staff has the necessary skills and knowledge to be more effective and reliable in their work, in terms of competence Staffs Training should be invested in by the management, to better handle the daily tasks. Including Debit Credit cards transactions This should include internal or external training courses for using any newly introduced accounting package. Telephone support lines made available by the software provider. Workshops on the improvement of staffs communications skills. Cost benefit analysis amelioration Recommended Cost of Time BenefitsTime spent by manager in Training25 hours 3 25 per hourTime spent by 5 account staff25 hours 5 15 per hourTOTAL TRAINING COST 187518753750 The work output will be more accurate due to the raise of standard. The organization will appear more professional, more efficient, meanings fewer errors and problems. Cost of hiring new Accounting staffs 192000The different responsibilities can be segregated and work will be done faster. Setting up of computers on a network Cost of hardware Installation cost5000 chiliad6000Access to data will be easier which will speed up the work and save time. innovative accounting Package Cost of the software Installation cost cost of training the staff ten thousand3000350016500Many routine operations will be speeded up, save time and reduces wages bill. 9.2 To carry out a Risk assessment the management will require 2 hours per month. This will discourage and reduce the risk of fraud in the accounting system by identifying the areas of the risk of fraud and then setting up a system in place to detect any possibility of fraud and then deal with it, making the system more reliable. AppendicesSWOT AnalysisStrengthsRecord keeping systemUsing an archiving computer package to store full accounting records. Easy access to past exact re-create of company accounting transactions. Sage Payroll software was loaded in the accounts department to enable the new payroll and personnel system to be in house. Excel spreadsheets are used for maintaining the inventory information. coordinated General, Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable set of ledger principal financial accounting system. Internal system of controlAn information technology policy exist which sets out rules relevant to securing the computer systems. The c omputer system throughout the company is password protected. A credit rating agency is used to ensure that potentially new credit customers have no history of poor payment. Value of a business rule management system (BRMS) approach to fraud detection benefits The performance of the rules is high enough to provide real-time detection of anomalies based on several criteria, including multiple sources, transaction values, card-use frequency, merchant and location of the charges. If implemented new detection policies can be activated in hours, instead of months, helping to reduce lost revenue and increase customer satisfaction and provides safety in online transaction.

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An Introduction to Reading and Writing Essay Example for Free

An Introduction to Reading and Writing EssayRounded = lifelike, full, dynamic, reader burn down predict future behavior because of an understanding of the psycheality Protagonist = the hero or heroine, main person in the story, person on the quest, and so forth Antagonist = the person causing the conflict, in opposition to the protagonist, the obstacle, etc. Flat = no growth, static Stock = representative of a group or class (stereotypical) Characters let out through Actions Descriptions, both personal and environmental Dramatic statements and thoughts Statements by other characters Statements by the author utterance as storyteller, or observer Characters need to have verisimilitude, be probable or plausible headspring of View Refers to speaker, narrator, persona or voice created by the author to tell the story Point of stack depends on two factors Physical situation of the narrator as an observer Speakers smart and emotional position First person = I, we Se cond person = You (uncommon) Third person = He, she, they (most common) Point of opinion may be Dramatic/objective = strictly reporting Omniscient = all- being Limited all-knowing = some insight setting Setting = a works natural, manufactured, political, cultural and temporal environment, including everything that characters know and own (place, time, objects) Major purpose = to throw realism or verisimilitude, and to organize a story Setting helps create atmosphere or mood Setting may reinforce characters and theme, in order to establish expectations that are the opposite of what occurs = derision Tone and mood Tone = methods by which writers and speakers reveal attitudes or feelings Style = ways in which writers assemble words to tell the story, to develop an argument, dramatize the play, compose the poem excerption of words in the service of content Essential aspect of style is diction Formal = bill or elegant words Neutral = everyday standard vocabulary Infor mal = colloquial, substandard language, tantalize Tone and Style (contd) Language may be Specific = images General = broad classes Concrete = qualities of neighboring(a) perception Abstract = broader, less palpable qualities Denotation = word meanings Connotation = word suggestions Verbal irony = contradictory statements One thing said, opposite is meant Irony = satire, parody, sarcasm, double entendre Understatement = does not fully describe the sizeableness of a situation deliberately Hyperbole (overstatement) = words far in excess of the situation symbol and Allegory Symbolism and allegory are modes that expand meaning Symbol creates a direct, meaningful par between A specific object, scene, character, or action Ideas, values, persons or ways of life Symbols may be Cultural (universal) = known by most literate people (e. g. , white dove, color black) Contextual (authorial) = private, created by the author Symbolism and Allegory (contd) Allegory is a sy mbol = complete and self-sufficient narrative (e. g. , recent Goodman Brown) Fable = stories about animals that possess human traits (e. g. , Aesops Fables) Parable = allegory with moral or religious bent (e. g. , Biblical stories) Myth = story that embodies and codifies religious, philosophical and cultural values of the civilization in which it is composed (e. g. , George Washington chopping down the cherry tree) Allusion = the use of other culturally well=known kit and caboodle from the Bible, Greek and Roman mythology, famous art, etc. Idea or Theme Idea = results of general and abridgment thinking Literature embodies values along with ideas In literature, ideas relate to meaning, interpretation, explanation and signifi kindlece Ideas are rattling to an understanding and appreciation of literature Ideas are not as obvious as character or setting. It is important to consider the meaning of what youve read and then develop an explanatory and comprehensive assertion. Th eme can be found in any of these Direct statements by the authorial voice Direct statements by a first-person speaker Dramatic statements by characters Figurative language, characters who stand for ideas The work itself.