Friday, February 26, 2016

My Pride, Their Prejudice

I believe in taking self-conceit in 1s herit succession and culture plot accepting the basis of others. My p arents were both born(p) and increase in Palestine, a fight torn artless bordering the Mediterranean Sea, they left their fatherland to fill in to the States in search of opportunities and a give life. My siblings and I were all raised in the States; how eer we paying(a) annual visits to the homeland and t here(predicate)fore unbroken an essence of patriotism in our home. Well, to begin with September el razeth that is. After the attacks, Arabs and Muslims were sh avow in a prohibit light by the media, and several proscribe stereotypes surrounded us. bulk began to question our precepts, our intentions, our lifestyles; it began to tone as if we were forever and a day under beau mondes microscope. At the tender age of eight geezerhood old, I was world-class introduced to racism. Classmates would come up to me and state their parents no longer allowed th em to articulate with me, because I am the enemy. Suddenly I became the enemy, simply because I came from a variant demesne and near a divergent religious belief. They made me olfactory property as if I did non last in this country. It seemed better, and safer, to handle where I was from and rule my own clay of a put one overt ask, maintain ont tell policy. Dont ask me where I am from, and I wont tell you. Eventually, I became ashamed of being Palestinian and Muslim and afraid of what would find oneself if people were to ever find let on I was one of them. Would they stop talking to me? Would they send me in for questioning close association with a terrorist organization I had never even heard of out front? At that time, anything seemed possible. It was non until I got older, and wiser, did I realize the looker of diversity and the mantrap of my heritage. America is non white, America is not black, America is American. We are all American.Free I had just a right to be in this country as the succeeding(a) person, I was not any better nor any worsened than anybody else simply due(p) to my race. In the consecrate Quran, divinity tells us, “I created you into diverse nations and tribes that you whitethorn come to cope one another.” I believe here in America we are fulfilling Gods neediness and making it a reality. I necessitate nothing to be ashamed of; alternatively I have much to be noble of. I began to see the bag of my own culture, my own country, and my own religion just by seeing the bang of being in an atmosphere so rich in diversity. I direct hold a firm belief that if you lose touch sensation with your heritage, you lose abut with yourself. Your culture is something to be proud of, not ashamed of. It should be held in esteem, not hidden in shame. I am a Pa lestinian Arab Muslim and (finally) proud of it.If you want to set down a salutary essay, order it on our website:

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